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As is wont to happen on Youtube, stumbling upon one video (namely the cover of bad romance by Juliana Richer Daily in the previous post) led to yet another cover of the same song, which is absolutely incredible.

Lissie Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)
YouTube Preview Image

I had never heard of Lissie before this. I’m not all that tuned into the actual music scene and living on the other side of the planet from the states doesn’t make keeping up on music any easier, but apparently she is “notable” enough to have a wikipedia article, so she must be famous right? =D

Anyway, the above cover is amazing, and pretty much everything else from Lissie I’ve listened to thus far is just as incredible. Highly recommended.

Wanted to post her new song as well, but Youtube is telling me it is “not available” for some reason, so have her cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters instead.

YouTube Preview Image

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